Character Training Programs. Do they work?

Posted by Kathy Green: Owner/Designer of Green Originals Design Studio on May 28th 2018

Character Training in Every Day Life
Character training programs are all over the internet and in bookstores these days. You would think that with so many resources, we would have the most virtuous children on the planet! 

But, do these programs work?

As a mother of three (darling) boys, I have learned that a character training program or a virtues book is nice, but raising virtuous young men (and women) is really all about daily living and family culture

So many factors play into raising good, moral, virtuous adults that it can be overwhelming. 

But it doesn't have to be.

Visuals are key

For my boys, they like visuals. They like to see what the virtue of the week is and how they are progressing. So charts and calendars and stickers are perfect for them (even for my teens).

The family Rules are always hanging next to our blackboard with a scripture for the week. The idea is that the more they see it, the more they are reminded. if you read something, you automatically think it. Right? Right (echo...echo...echo)

Do what works

I have had the family rules hanging for years I used to have an entire rewards and punishment system for them when they were younger (and they actually really liked it).

But as they got older, the rewards and punishments have become more age-appropriate. ie: a 15 year old boy could now care less if his obedience gets him "alone time with mom". That is more like a punishment now! Lol

Each family is different

Whatever works for your family is what you need to incorporate. Books, charts, rewards, stickers, etc. We believe there is a place for all of that in your parenting arsenal.

That is one reason why we, at Green Originals Design Studio have developed an upcoming line of character building, virtue encouraging stationery, downloadable pdfs, stickers, charts, flashcards and journals. There is no one size fits all.

Stay tuned

Over the next few weeks, we will be launching one of two collections to help families grow in virtue. Here is a sneak peek of out upcoming line... 

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